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In 1959, Robert Layton and his wife Peggy moved their family from Cambridge, Maryland to the town of Ocean City and purchased a lot on 16th St. Mr. Layton, known as Bob, began his career as a sports writer in Cambridge, Maryland and wrote for many different newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun. When he bought Layton's Plaza in 1959, the property ran as the Layton's Coin Op Laundromat, Three-Car Car Wash, and an 18-hole Portable Golf Course. The plaza ran for many years, until one day when the Layton family decided to open a 24-hour Donut Shop. 

On May 17, 1968, the first donut was placed in the showcase at Layton's and from then it has grown. Since 1983, Larry and Pam Layton have been the proud proprietors of the restaurant. While the restaurant has gone through changes, from a 24-hour restaurant, to the addition of the beloved Depot Atlantic train station themed breakfast and dinner buffet, to the restaurant you know and love it as today, we have spent 52 years proudly serving the guests of Ocean City.


Layton's Family Restaurant is currently a proud sponsor of the Ocean City Air Show. 


We hope to see you and your family soon! 

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